Sofia B Ashford

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Author of "The Belle of Eden"

Sofia Ashford works in digital marketing in the day time and obsesses over narrative structures in her evenings. Whether she’s playing video games, which she fancies is the next big neap in story telling, writing, cycling or gardening, she’s always moving. She has a passion for nurturing and it takes shape in her many different hobbies and activities in her community. She provides support to other authors through her publishing company, Pint Sized Press

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Death is an inevitability, that the pirate, Belle Rouge struggles to grasp as she gasps at the end of a rough, hempen noose. While an unpleasant end, she finds it all rather necessary, for she must escape the ghosts of her own creation. In the last moment, she’s cut loose and picked out of the dirt by Commodore Craven, and his precocious, son Benjamin.

They ask for Belle’s assistance in their search for The Garden of Eden and the salvation it promises. A return trip for Belle, it sits heavy on her shoulders as they sail closer to the center for the events that changed her life forever, and ultimately found her at the gallows.

“Yet, I’ve done my fair share of wrong: I’ve killed, maimed, burned, manipulated, and seduced my way through life and into what must surely be my deserved end. However…none of my previous transgressions haunted me like the nagging thoughts of what I hadn’t managed to accomplish.”

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Praise for "The Belle of Eden"

Author Sam Ernst

“A little outside my typical reading wheelhouse, this rollicking, fantastical pirate adventure is a propulsive page-turner. It traces a redemptive arc for the main character, Belle Rogue, as she grapples with sins of the past and the price of atonement. How far will she go to save an innocent life? What even is innocence? Every port call for this unlucky crew brings them one step closer to answering these questions and finding their ultimate goal, the Garden of Eden. To top it off, it all ends in a cliffhanger that begs a second book.”

“I was hooked from the beginning of this story. The opening pages of any written work are so critical. They should create questions in the reader that encourages further reading to find the answers. It shouldn’t give too much away and in this, Ashford was masterful. Based on the introduction, the story seems to be set in the Golden Age of piracy somewhere in the 17th or 18th century. I love pirate stories, so I was eager to keep reading!”

Alicia Doyle

Author Matt Schild

“This is like “Pirates of the Carribbean” meets “Indiana Jones” in a fun, high-seas romp that’s a delightful mix of period-piece details and mythical/biblical fantasy – and of course a search for a lost relic. The tale follows the exploits of a pirate, Belle, rescued from the gallows by a rogue British naval officer who needs her help to save his dying son. While the tale is full of swashbuckling naval battles and disasterous trips to shady port towns, those elements wrap up a tale of redemption, sacrifice and one woman’s struggle to put her past behind her. There’s enough action to make it a page-turner, but Ashford’s true skills lie in developing the relationship between her two main characters, and exploring it through banter and dialogue that reveals depths of character for anyone willing to plumb for it.”