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Our community exsists only to help you grow and develop as an author. Whether you’re focusing on honing your craft, publishing your next piece, or marketing yourself, we’re here to help. Below, You’ll find a wide selection of resources that are designed to help authors at any stage in their process. You’ll find guest-written articles from experienced authors, self publishing advice, community connections, and so much more. 

Marketing Insights

Need a little help with marketing your work? Look no further. We’ve curated a selection of free resources and articles that are designed to help you identify your target audience, create high-quality marketing assets and more. 

Work Spotlights

We think it’s important to give authors in the local area a platform to promote their work. In fact, that’s our whole goal. That’s why every author and their work gets the chance to be the monthly spotlight and get advertised to our network of loyal readers. 


We’re here to chew gum and sell books, and we’re all out of gum. That’s why we take particular pride in our events. Whether we’re celebrating national poetry month, new author-related cinema, or just getting together to read some new works, we’re here to make being apart of the literary community accessible for both readers and writers. 

Author Community

Whether you’re looking to find new cool music to listen to, share author marketing tips, or just talk about your craft, we’re here to make those conversations easy to find and be a part of. Join our private discord, meet new writers and connect with a rich community you weren’t even aware existed. 

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